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For GM's, Executives, Director of Sales and Hotel Leaders 

Learn How To Become A Productivity Machine With This Free 7 Day Course. 

A step-by-step guide on how you and your team can manage your time within your hotel, so you can accomplish goals, reduce your stress level and leave for the weekend. 

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Why Take This Course?

If You Cannot Manage Your Time
You Cannot Manage

Time management and productivity is the differentiator between hotels that excel and reach their goals and ones who stay still and tread water. 

From a micro level, the same is said about those who excel in their careers and those who let their dream positions pass them by. 

If you want you and your hotel to go to the next level, you need to build your time management muscle. 

This course is your first step. 


What Will You Get?

Over the next seven days you'll learn how to: 

  • Identify where you and your team's time is going. 

  • Understand what tasks you should be focusing on. 

  • Develop the ability to defend from distractions. 

  • Create a system to become a productivity machine. 

  • Obtain a sense of control over your work day. 

  • Increase the efficiency of your hotel operations. 

This 7-day email course is laid out as follows:


Day 1:

  • Why: How will this help my career trajectory? How will this help my hotel be more profitable?


Day 2:

  • Observe: Are you putting your time towards initiatives that move the needle?


Day 3:

  • Decide: In many cases, it's not how much you get done but what you get done. 


Day 4:

  • Schedule: Ensure you set up your day so you can accomplish your priorities. 


Day 5:

  • Protect: How to defend your scheduled time against all the distractions life throws you. 


Day 6:

  • System: Create your system to keep you on task. 


Day 7:

  • Next Steps: How can you create a culture of productivity in your hotel?

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