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Supercharged Consulting Program

You should be getting more out of your investment.

Not everyone needs a full scale solution and not everyone wants someone else running their hotel. Join our Supercharged Programs and bring significant ROI to your bottom line. Our consulting approach combines a Super Saver Audit and Operational Overdrive Analysis in one package. 

Super Saver's Audit

Get a 360 degree analysis of all your expenses, with recommendations to change and strategies to save. From suppliers, to energy consumption. Plus ongoing negotiated supplier pricing year after year. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Operational Overdrive

Customized need based operational consulting. From Operations, Scheduling, HR practices, Sales practices, Guest Service Practices and everything in between. Recommendations, practices and implementation guidance to take your hotel to the next level. 

100% satisfaction guarantee.

It's like getting all the cost benefits and know how of a hospitality management company, without the overhead of a hospitality management company

Supercharged Consulting Program

Substantial ROI

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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