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Your Employee's Most Important Day

Jon Sholter


Today, in less than 3 minutes, we are going to cover the following: Why the first day, is the most important day.

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Do you remember the first day of your job?

So will your new hires, for better or worse.

Delayed Gratification

Why is onboarding so important?

In hospitality, we micro-analyze peak moments from a guest's perspective. We dissect the check-in experience, problem recovery and other touchpoints.

At these times, we significantly impact our guests' perception of us because they are in a heightened emotional state.

Just like your guests are in a heightened emotional state during these moments, your Team members are in a heightened emotional state on their first day.

This means every action you take during the onboarding experience has 10x the impact compared to the status quo.

Want proof?

How many of us have new housekeepers quit after their first day or two of work?

Thinking deeply about your onboarding process is a huge opportunity for hoteliers to reduce turnover, get the right people on the bus and strengthen their culture.

Let's consider common onboarding processes and how they may negatively impact a recruit.

  1. Trail by Fire: We see this repeatedly in housekeeping departments. Imagine being that Room Attendant when they can barely get out of bed from 8 hours of labour-intensive work the following day.

  2. Paperwork and Training Dump: These essential tasks must be completed, but is there a way to make this less dreadful?

  3. Lonely Island: The awkward feeling everyone has when they do not know anyone and everyone else knows everyone.

Think through these items above and add your own to your list. What emotional potholes can you fill to improve your new Team member's first few days?

Once you have this figured out, consider how to exceed expectations by creating pinnacle moments during their onboarding journey.

  1. Friends: Set a path for your recruit to make a few buddies before the first day is done.

  2. Importance: What about a personalized gift on their first day?

  3. Plan: Don't fly by the seat of your pants. An organized onboarding journey in itself is going to differentiate you from others.

The first day may be the most important day of every one of your employee's time with you.

It deserves our attention.

As always, thanks for reading.


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