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Why Investing In Yourself Is The Highest ROI Initiative For Your Hotel

Jon Sholter


Today, in less than 3 minutes, we are going to cover the following: Investing in yourself.

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What's the highest ROI investment you can make for your hotel?

Investing in yourself.

If you're a Leader within your organization or striving to be one, developing your skills will lift your entire Team. It is not a selfish endeavour; it is selfish not to.

Invest In Yourself Hotel Management

Everyone wants someone else to notice their efforts or take them under their wing.

But the truth is, your personal growth will be the differentiator in your career. If you are growing, people will notice and will compound your efforts with their mentoring.

We see the contrary to this so much in hospitality.

So many hospitality professionals keep themselves overburdened. They are too exhausted to put in that extra effort of self-development. They are too tired to read that book, take that course, or explore new areas of growth. They don't realize that taking time to work on themselves and their careers independently will help their and their Team's unreasonable stress levels.

No personal growth leads to stagnant, uninspired results.

Only some GM or hotel leaders are lucky enough to have a coach and mentor above them once they rise to the top. There's something to be said about this, but what's the one thing you can do to negate it? Well you guessed it, develop and focus on you.

Realize you have the ability to solve your problems, overcome your struggles, and raise your Team in the process.

You do not need anyone else.


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