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5 Actionable Tips for Frontline Hotel Leaders to Fast-Track Their Path to General Manager

Jon Sholter


Today, in less than 3 minutes, we are going to cover the following: How frontline leaders can get into the big seat.

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The most common hospitality interview question is, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

The most common answer hotel General Manager's get when they ask this question? "I want to be a General Manager."

Spoiler alert: most don't reach their goal.

Five pieces of advice to outshine the pack and get into the big seat:

  1. Ask Questions Then, ask more questions. Ask questions till you're blue in the face. Make long-distance phone calls to ask questions. Asking questions will fast-track your learning curve and show your superiors that you have a genuine interest in succeeding. When those above you sense this, they will naturally invest more in you.

  2. Get Things Done Learn time management skills. When someone gives you a task, and you get it done ahead of the expected deadline, you shine. When people above you wonder how you're so efficient, you'll get that promotion.

  3. Think Like Your Owner Take an interest in your hotel like it is your own business. Try to learn how everything works and why it works. Work at the Front Desk? Get curious about housekeeping cleaning metrics, get curious about the sales process, get curious about buying decisions. You will be next in line when you begin to tie it all together.

  4. Become a Beacon of Trust An owner wants peace of mind. They want to sleep at night knowing their hotel is under control. Become the most trustworthy person in the office. People should ask you to become their child's God Parent by the time you're done.

  5. Invest In Yourself and Pay It Forward Whether you have a great mentor or not, you must invest in yourself. Read/watch/listen to valuable material to learn about leadership, hospitality, team building, culture, sales, business, marketing, etc. Want to go a step further to guarantee your spot? Pass this knowledge and mentor people below you and beside you. Those above you will notice.

If you can master the above, I can almost guarantee your success.

Do not get caught up in the whirlwind of hotel chaos. Make a conscious effort to progress.

You can do it!


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