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High Impact Coaching

Not all hotel Leaders are equal. 

Coaching can sometimes be seen as a buzz word. However, if you can get through the weeds and find a trusted partner, a coach is extremely valuable. Many business owners benefit from coaching. It allows them to set and achieve appropriate goals, understand how to manage their time, think critically on problems they face, learn new skills to tackle issues (needs) and recognize their blind spots.

Looking at the above, do you think your hotel Leaders would benefit from the same outcomes? Are they managing a large enough slice of pie to justify the investment? At Hotel Theory we offer 1:1 Coaching programs and Group Coaching programs tailored to your needs so your leaders get out of the weeds and begin to move to where they need to go.

Whether you are an owner looking to take your assets up a notch, an executive looking to take your leadership team to the next level or a hotel GM looking to gain proficiency in your role, our coaching programs are your answer.   

Still wondering why you should choose a Hotel Theory coach?

Number 1 

Get a coach that has actual hotel experience and success both operationally and from an ownership perspective. 

Number 2

Coaching is proven to lead to greater engagement and retention. 

Number 3

The skills that got your Hotel Leader to where they are, are not be the same ones they need in their Executive Role. 

Number 4

Your Leaders are not as productive as you think they should be. Goals are not being achieved. 

Many Leaders come from the front lines where they learned to shine through their work ethic, guest service and willingness to roll up their sleeves. However, the skills needed in the back office are much different. Time Management, Critical Thinking and Culture Building to name a few are what really move the needle.


1:1 Coaching


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Group Coaching


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